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About is the international online store of The Winery. The Winery is a specialist New Zealand wine experience with stores located at the gateway to the Central Otago wine region in both Queenstown and Arrowtown, New Zealand. specialises in delivering the New Zealand wines we sell to our customers around the world.

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If you have any questions or enquiries, we are open between 10am and 9pm (New Zealand time).

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Rosé is a perfect companion for sunny days, this wine can be light, sweet, fruity or dry. This is a versatile style of wine that appeals to both the red and white wine drinker. Rosé is most commonly made from red wine grapes but the wine spends less time on grape skins than a red wine would. The time on the grape skins is where Rosé gets its colour from ranging from palest salmon through to deep watermelon tones. Rosé wine can be made from nearly every red grape but there are different styles and grapes preferred. Some Rosé’s may have a small portion of white wine blended in, where it is legal to do so. The main flavours of Rosé are ripe red fruit, flowers, citrus and melon. 

In New Zealand, every wine region produces Rosé but not every producer in the region will make a Rosé. Rosé is commonly made from the red grapes that grow well in the region. In the North Island most of the Rosé’s will be made from Bordeaux or Rhône varietals and in the South Island, the majority of Rosé is made from Pinot Noir

Rosé does not always have to be a still wine either. Sparkling Rosé is predominately made in Central Otago and Marlborough, with the ‘méthode traditionnelle’ producing delicious red berries bubbles. In part, this is because Pinot Noir is one of the grapes traditionally used to make sparkling wine and Pinot Noir grows well in these South Island regions.