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Aroma Therapy - New Zealand Aromatics

NZ$196.84 NZ$169.99
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750 mls per bottle
Aroma Therapy - New Zealand Aromatics

We love the cool climate varieties that have their traditional homes in Alsace, France.  With great balance between naturally high acidity and residual sugar, our New Zealand wines express great character and definition for fresh everyday drinking.  They also have longevity for those who enjoying cellaring and experience the evolution of New Zealand's best wines.

In this 6 bottle selection we have 1 bottle of each these wines:

  •  Misha's 'The Limelight' Riesling
  •  Domain Road 'Duffers Creek' Riesling
  •  Pegasus Bay Riesling
  •  Amisfield Dry Riesling
  •  Chard Farm Gewürztraminer
  •  Johanneshof Gewürztraminer